๐Ÿ“œBio - Try Tiny

So, why did we build this thing?

The concept behind TinyDomain came from life experience, realizing over the years that simple, short and targeted domain names are driving most powerful online brands. Combine that with the release of over 1000 new domain extensions, a whole new world of available high quality unregistered short domain names became available.

Shorter names are easier to remember, which means more users will find you. When you create a short domain name that also describes your business model, you have found the ultimate sweet spot. TinyDomain does just that :)

How does TinyDomain work?

TinyDomain was build in Python, Vanilla JS and HTMX (htmx.org). 'Search' is generated using fast DNS Queries and 'Random' queries are database driven producing almost instant results. However, like all extreme domain finders, we do give up some accuracy for speed. With this in mind we perform a live WHOIS verification in the 'Buy' dialog which concludes in 98% positive/positive.

TinyDomain is free to use but links to registrar partners are sponsored. Small commissions are earned without affecting your purchase price and helps maintain and improve TinyDomain. Note: you are under no obligation to use any of those links โ˜บ๏ธ.